Stepping into a New Role

It’s official, I have started training to be a life coach!  I met a wonderful teacher, Dr. Marianna Lead, and have begun taking classes through her organization, the Goal Imagery Institute.

Each week I log in and meet online with Dr. Lead and my amazing fellow students.  I wanted to be a life coach because I like working with people, talking with people, and feel called to some kind of service.  Guess what?  While my classmates come from different parts of the country (and world) and have diverse professional backgrounds, many echoed a very similar sentiment.  (Kindred spirits maybe?)

Next up, I began to learn some basic things about coaching…

What coaching is and what it is not:

Therapy? No

Motivational? Yes

Do coaches give advice? No

Do they share insights? Yes

What primary tools do coaches use?

Active listening

Direct questioning


My next thought was, well, I can do all that with my eyes closed, this is going to be a breeze!

And, as usual, the laugh was on me.  It turns out that talking about coaching is a whole lot easier than actually coaching someone.  Once I started my practice sessions, I realized how hard it can be to find the right words (Mom, stop laughing, yes, sometimes I am speechless)!

So I am not ready to call myself a coach just yet, rather, I am a student, a very happy and hopeful one – wish me luck!



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