The power of looking on the bright side

AKA the power of positive thinking…

I have 2 themes to explore today, positive thought and compassion.  At first glance, they might not seem related, but I think they are.

As I learn more about coaching, our wonderful teacher Marianna Lead, continues to remind us to focus on the positive.  That is, when we are coaching a client who has a problem, it doesn’t help too much to delve into the details of the problem, but rather to ask them about their thinking on the situation and gently get around to asking them how they might resolve it.  What might be their ideal resolution, and could they take steps in that direction?

Ultimately how we see the world and interact with others is in many ways controlled by our thoughts.  In relationships and other endeavors, we really can’t control others, but we can control ourselves and what we bring to the table.

There are times when we must acknowledge the negative and give ourselves time to process and heal from those situations, but giving it space and then turning our thoughts to resolution and/or healing, benefits both us and others.  That’s where the compassion comes in.  I’m inspired on this front by the talk today at my Unitarian service, that compassion includes the self care we give ourselves as well as the respect we give to other people around us.

Coaches want to help other people discover resolutions, and we can do that by helping our clients focus on positive actions that are within their control.  Similarly, we can work to keep our thoughts on a positive track in our own lives, in order to help ourselves and others.

So cut yourself a break from the negative talk, acknowledge the good stuff, and be sure to extend the same courtesy to others.  Your positive train of thought might just lead you somewhere unexpected and wonderful!


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