Fringe Benefits of Coaching and Learning to Coach

Fringe Benefits of Coaching and Learning to Coach

I’ve made it through the first third of my life coach training!  This is nothing to sneeze at because the class takes a lot of focus, thought, time and practice.  It can be hard to keep up with, especially if you have other commitments.  (Who doesn’t?)

So, despite the effort, the experience has already been very “worth it”. Hence, the fringe benefits…

#1 Collaborating with other like-minded people.  It’s not a coincidence we all ended up in the same class, we have stuff in common!  Not only do we share ideas, but we support each other, and as you learn a new skill, that support makes a huge difference.

#2 Coaching is somewhat related to therapy in that you talk out your problems with a supportive listener.  It’s not the same, and there are many ways it differs, but, really, who doesn’t need to talk stuff out sometimes?!

#3 Our class is part of a much larger network of students and professional coaches that we can connect with going forward.  Need advice? Ideas? Coaching? Just click!

#4 Which may be the best one for me, learning to coach is like having a detailed framework on how to connect with and engage with other people respectfully.  Attentive listening, being in the moment, asking permission before spouting off your 2 cents…priceless!


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