This one is for the ladies…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how being a woman in this world is tough stuff.  It seems like a lot of us are trying to be super…as a mom, partner, employee, friend, etc., AND all at the same time!  Popular media doesn’t help much, either, as we see women “doing it all” and looking like Pinterest models.  This leads to all kinds of stress, anxiety and feelings of getting it wrong.  Why do I feel bad when I just can’t bring myself to shell out the $5 for the organic strawberries?   Or when I want to hide in my room for 15 minutes to get away from the kids?  And don’t even get me started on the perfect wardrobe, creative home-made dinner masterpieces or throwing huge parties that are magazine worthy for every occasion.  It’s just not gonna happen!!!

Women appear to be socialized to be, well, social.  We give to everyone and care for everyone, and sometimes we run out of time and energy for ourselves.  I’d like all the hard working women out there to take a deep breath, while sitting down for a few minutes, ideally in a tranquil setting.  Call to mind the small joys that feed you and that make life worth living…fresh flowers, some snuggle time with your kids, or a coffee break with a friend.  Whatever simple pleasures make you smile, make room for them on a regular basis, and let yourself off the hook.  Do your best to prioritize and let the rest of the mayhem pass you by, I promise it will be liberating!


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