Good news in the real world

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a great Easter/ Passover/ Spring Break!

Surprisingly, I haven’t mentioned one of my favorite radio shows yet, it’s called On Being, and it’s on NPR.  (Did I really just say I love an NPR show?  Am I old? Oh well, time marches on…)

The host, Krista Tippett, speaks each week to a different guest.  These guests could be scientists, philosophers, religious folk, or other big thinkers.  They all have something to share about the state of living in this world, and usually it’s pretty refreshing and eye opening. (and funny!)

This past Sunday she interviewed Father Greg Boyle, who is kind of famous for working with young gang members in LA.  There is even a movie about him called Father G and the Homeboys.

What struck me about this interview was the humor and the humility that came through.  Father Boyle befriends these young people who are at the very fringe of society.  He doesn’t write them off as “lost” or judge them for the wrong they may have done.  He just sees people in crisis and tries to build a bridge.  And, he is very clear about the fact that he not only helps them, but they help him become a better person, too.  He very intentionally builds community with them, to give them an alternative to the gang community.  As you can imagine, these youth can smell BS a mile away, so the success of this mission is a testament to doing good stuff in the real, ugly, dangerous world.

If they can bring something positive to this world while facing terrible odds, I think that’s a signal that we can do a lot, too. Build that community, help someone out, and keep your eyes open, you may be pleasantly surprised!


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