Finding Your Own North Star


Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago I put out a book list full of positive stuff.  I promised to review the books, so here is the first one.

I have read Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck about 5 times.  I find this book to be a true treasure.  (no exaggeration!)  Martha Beck clearly lays out simple exercises to help you identify what you love.  She also helps you realize things that are not right for you.  While this might sound simple, it can actually be pretty eye opening.

And, when you compare what you love and what you don’t to your real life, you may realize that a change is in order.  Martha supplies tools to deal with that, too.  She maps out a “change cycle” that people typically go through, and tips on how to navigate the ups and downs.

The book is like a very practical map to discovering what is right for you, and how you can take steps to pursue your dreams.  Like I said, it’s a treasure!

To make this book even more valuable, you can buy it on Amazon for as little as $7 used and $11 new.  It’s a no brainer!!!


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