Is it all about you? You’d be surprised…


Lots of coaches, including myself, encourage people to get in touch with their instincts in order to figure out what in the world is the best for them.

Why?  Coaches believe that everyone can uncover their true life’s calling.  What is your dream and what does it mean to you?  What is your life’s purpose and how can you take steps to move in that direction?

Coaches also believe that when people are on the right path, they experience joy, personal growth and success.  As in, pick the right direction and you will have a great time AND make money.

That sounds almost too good to be true and kind of self indulgent.  Why is MY path so important, anyway?

A theme that comes up in coaching again and again is the idea of a calling or vocation.  Some people (like me) believe that everyone has a role they were born to play in this world.  Almost…as if they were fated to it!

If you can believe that God or the universe (I like the term “powers that be”) has a plan for you, and for everyone else, it’s crucial that everyone play their part.  Each person has talents that have the ability to positively affect others around them.  What happens if we don’t use our talents for good?  What if we bury our skills and never use them?

It seems to me like finding your path and using your talents in this world is almost a moral imperative.  Someone needs you and your skills, so go out there and do your thing.

(And if you really don’t believe in that spiritual-connectedness-mumbo-jumbo, then just go out there and find your way to happiness… just because you can!)


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