Oh the Joy…Where is it?!


Where is that Joy, exactly?

A few months ago, during the holiday season, I wrote about Gratitude.  Specifically, about keeping a gratitude journal to help me notice and appreciate the things I had to be thankful for everyday.

Positive psychology tells us that if we regularly focus on something, we “see” it more in our everyday lives.  It creates a kind of pattern in our brains of recognition. This makes me believe that we can choose to look at the good or the bad, and over time, our brains will show us exactly what we want.

Lately I’ve been thinking about joy, because, frankly, it’s what I want more of!  Reading, writing and thinking about life coaching brings me joy, it feels like a calling, like what I’m supposed to do.  And since I focus on it each day, I find myself pulled towards noticing what works and what doesn’t in my life, and it reminds me to seek the joy.

I must admit that it’s working beautifully!  I find myself having a happy interaction with someone and I feel happiness and joy bubbling up inside like the fizz in a fresh glass of champagne.  It’s so uplifting that I want to laugh at myself and feel a little giddy for a few seconds with this absolutely stupid smile on my face.  And I think the words, “oh the joy…”.

People, I can’t express enough how much this is NEW to me.  I am prone to depression and anxiety and have spent long months stuck in the mud, and now I’m spending a few minutes each day feeling On Top Of The World!!!

Right now you are probably thinking, man, she’s got some good drugs going on there.  And, I do.  Some are from my doctor, to keep my highly volatile emotions in check, and some are my own creation.  I had a good long run of feeling like crap and wondering, where is that joy?  I decided to seek help, which is how I came to work with my doctor to find medications that help keep me level.  But, although medication can bring some changes, they didn’t bring me back to myself.  No pharmaceuticals can make you more you.  Medication might help regulate a chemical in your brain, but YOU are much more complex than that.

I didn’t feel like my old self again until I spent a few months receiving acupuncture and doing a lot of soul searching and self help reading, which led me to coaching.  Coaching resonated with me because it encourages you to discover who you are and what you want.  It’s all about you, and when you embrace your true nature, it somehow brings more joy to you, and in turn, into the world.

So if you are wondering where the hell the joy is…first decide if you need some help from a doctor or therapist to stabilize, then make an effort to focus on the good stuff you already have.  Really look at it and say thanks to the universe, and then do it again tomorrow.  It’s a positive self-fulfilling habit that will help you answer that question.

That joy, it’s been right in front of you, and in your heart all along.

What simple joys move you?


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