The Happiness Project


Here is my second book review, inspired by the positive book list I wrote about in April.

I have to give props to Gretchen Rubin, she used her writing and research skills to report on what people have been saying about happiness for years and years, AND she made herself part of the experiment.  She took all the information she could find about happiness and used herself as a guinea pig.  Simple, but brilliant.

I like this book because it covers a lot of different view points about what makes people happy, and Gretchen honestly reported what worked for her, what didn’t, and she admitted when she fell off the happiness bandwagon.

I felt some camaraderie with her because we are probably close in age, we both live in the Northeastern US and have young kids.  While we have different personalities, I could see where she was coming from with a lot of the topics.

She also makes it clear that happiness is personal and unique to individuals, and frankly, that’s the only part that didn’t make this a fast read.  She was reporting and reflecting, and sometimes it’s hard to hear someone else’s story, when you are really geared up and looking to write your story.  (Enough about her husband, I want to work on my relationship with my husband!)

It’s a good collection of ideas if you want to try this in your own life.  And she has graciously placed a guide in the back of the book about creating your own happiness project.  It’s definitely something I’d like to try!

Find it on Amazon here.

Want to join me in creating a happiness project group?  If so, please email me at .

A link to Gretchen’s page here.

Thank you, Gretchen!


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