Hope springs eternal…


Hope springs eternal…

I spend a lot of time reading about positive psychology, and trying to apply the theories to my own life in order to find more joy.

So, this morning, in the real world, things did not go smoothly.  Thanks to my insomnia, the kids, a breakfast bungle, and the those smiling, s-l-o-w people at the bank, I had a lot of practice saying to myself, “Keep calm, things are going to get better!”  As the annoyances piled up, I fought to keep my temper and just let the little things pass.

When I shared my crazy morning and my hopeful outlook with a friend, I was greeted with a snort.  I began to wonder if I should just go back to bed?  Unfortunately for me, I had to make it to the office and be productive.  I took stock of the mishaps and realized they were all trivial, and just mentally tossed them.  (very, very satisfying!)  I also took a short walk by some sweet-smelling shady trees that really cheered me up.

You know what?  This day is getting better.  I’m still standing and not stressing about the things that went wrong.  I’m going to try to keep the good vibes going, hopefully you will, too!


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