Ready to get off that diet roller coaster?


Who hasn’t struggled with their weight at some point?  I think most people can identify with this situation, I know I can!

I want to do a few posts about healthy weight loss, etc., because I know it’s a serious topic that brings a lot of stress and unhappiness into people’s lives, and I’m all about getting rid of the nasty stress!!!

First off, I’d like to recommend a book I’ve been reading.  Big surprise, it’s by Martha Beck, my favorite life coach…it’s called the 4-Day Win.  Find it on amazon here.  It came out in 2008, so you can buy it new or used for under 15 bucks. (Yay!)

Why am I recommending this book?  Martha talks about the emotional/ psychological reasons we eat in non-healthy ways, and WHY restrictive diets are bound to fail.  She explains with science why it’s nearly impossible to succeed by forcing yourself to follow a restrictive diet and why it has nothing to do with willpower, resolve or commitment.  Newsflash, our bodies just weren’t designed to function that way.

Thank you, Martha, for releasing us from this self imposed prison of a day filled with kale, brown rice and protein shakes that we don’t enjoy and leave us starving by bedtime (and headed straight to the ice cream store!)  She talks about cutting ourselves some slack, and taking the time to relax our bodies and minds to really figure out what is going on.

There are some good theories here and simple exercises about how to get in touch with your physiology, become more body-aware, and make friends with this earthly vessel we are bound to in this life.  You’re not going to get healthy and feel well unless you treat your body like the temple it happens to be.

Friends, this may be a good first step in the right direction.  Martha’s ideas can go hand in hand with other fitness/ weight loss plans, so even if you have a regimen, this could enhance it.

Of course, if you have serious health issues, please check with your doctor before you make any big changes.

I’ll be back in a few days with more healthy ideas and my own personal story.

Have a great day!


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