We have a lot to teach each other!


I am so thrilled about the recent marriage equality ruling!  The laws in our country don’t change unless groups of people work together for a common cause.  Groups that may have different agendas, but find some common ground.  Different people that can say, I see your point, I agree that we should work towards one goal together…that is how our society evolves.

I also want to touch on another, related, hot topic, one of racism.  It’s in the news, it’s terribly painful, but yet, it’s all around us, and we have to figure out how to handle it.  I want to point your attention to a recently aired On Being episode.  I listened to it this morning, and I thought it was very hopeful and smart.  John A. Powell spoke about why we see people as different from us, and how stereotypes arise.  He also spoke eloquently about how our society is evolving, and that we need to find common ground with each other, and connect to people we consider “the other” in order to make things productive and positive.

Whether it’s a question of race, sexual orientation, faith or ethnicity, it doesn’t have to divide us so bitterly.  Take some time and listen to this wise man speak, I especially liked his personal story from his college days!

Listen here, and have a peaceful, open-minded day!


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