Vacation Vibe


HI everyone,

I’m on vacation this week with my family. 🙂

Deep joy tinged with uneasiness… Why?  It’s enforced togetherness, and I wondered how I would survive with all the people I love 24/7. Not to mention I’m still in full Mommy mode with my kids. And as glad as I was to see the beach (my happy place), I was feeling some anxiety.

What the hell were we going to do for 7 days?!  Would I have any privacy or down time? Could I stay out of the traditional family arguments?  Would I keep sunburn at bay for my pasty kids with 50+ SPF?

I then realized that I was at risk of worrying and grumbling through the week I’d been so looking forward to for months.

I decided to give up control. (How did I not realize I was such a control freak?!)  While I’m always the social director at home, no one was expecting it here. I figured I’d take it day by day and see what happened. I was hoping for some unexpected fun, and I certainly got some.

Not only have I watched the kids frolic and grow, but there have also been lovely morning strolls, and enough helping hands to allow me to nap most days! I’m telling the truth!

So maybe I might not only survive, but really enjoy myself.  Isn’t that the point? Why did I have to talk myself into chilling out?  I’m just really glad I did!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and get the same chance to give up control and see what kind of great things can develop.


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