Health and Fitness part 3


Over the past few weeks I’ve been talking about health, wellness, losing weight, and how to handle those things without making yourself nuts.

The other week I posted and said “what’s my motivation?”  I want to get healthier, more fit, and lose a few pounds.  Looking back, there were times in my life that I was motivated and was able to succeed on that front.  However, as of about 2 weeks ago, the thought was there, but not much else.  For example, I would think “today I’m not eating any junk food.”  Then, I’d go to work and eat a cookie from the tray someone brought in for the office.  Oops!  It just kept going on like that and I wondered why I couldn’t stick to my plan?  After all, my goal was to skip junk food for ONE day, not the rest of my life!

So last week I got to go on vacation with my family.  It took me a day or two to adjust to not having a schedule and not caring what happened as long as everyone got to chill and spend time together.  (I wrote about that too!)

I finally started relaxing and enjoying my natural habit (the beach), and happened to have a conversation with my wonderful sister in law.  She told me that a friend of hers decided to try a semi-drastic diet (eating plan) that eliminated all grains and dairy.  She was propelled into this mission by general bad health and frustration at not feeling well.  So, it turns out that this friend had AMAZING results and lost weight, her face cleared up, and she felt like a million bucks.  The trade offs were clearly worth it, and she now wanted to spread her gospel.

Here’s the thing, from previous experience, I knew that a plan like that would also work wonders for me. (Note on “Eat Right 4 Your Type” below.)  And now that I was relaxed and feeling pretty good, I decided to see if I could do it for a few days, y’know, just for fun.  I knew completely eliminating grains and dairy were impossible, so I just tried to reduce them as much as I could.  I tried to eat other things first, and only ate when I was hungry.

It’s been a week now, and I’ve dropped 3 pounds, people!  With about as much effort as, oh, I don’t know, rolling over in bed. It’s like once I was in the right mindset (relaxed), I was able to focus on the goal of feeling better.  And, not eating as many grains or dairy products does actually make me feel better.  Plus, I’m feeling a little powerful that I’m being thoughtful and achieving something.

So, perhaps, if you are up against a wall and feeling a little out of control, you should take a little time to nurture yourself, relax, and then try again.

If you need help figuring the best path to relaxation or struggling to find the right direction, please contact me, I have lot of ideas to share!

My personal email:

Also, before I forget, let me talk a little about the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type” by Dr. D’Adamo.  He has designed diets for people based on their blood type.  There is a ton of stuff online about his program, and he’s written a number of books.  Each blood type corresponds to a “profile” and preferred diet.  I’ll admit that I don’t completely understand how it works, and some of the fine details seem a little bit too much to follow.  However, the general guidelines can be useful for someone trying to eat better for their specific physiology.  I am blood type O and my profile is the Hunter-Gatherer.  I’m supposed to eat produce, meat and seeds because Hunter-Gatherer metabolisms developed before agrarian society (i.e. we are not grain eaters!)

Find the program website here.

Have a great day!


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