Real life coaching and steps forward


Hello, my friends,

I have been asked a lot of questions lately about coaching:

  • What it is?
    • A team effort to talk out and solve problems!
  • What situations can be helped by coaching?
    • Personal and professional issues, as well as anything affecting your life.
  • What does it include?
    • Thoughtful conversations, brain storming, sharing experiences, personal support, and lots of good stuff to read.
  • Why should I try it?
    • It can bring a lot of peace and happiness when problems yield to creative problem solving. Not to mention the fact that talking things out, and having personal support goes a long way towards feeling more calm.

Obviously, these answers are only small snippets of the bigger picture.  And when you work with me, I focus on you alone.  There are no one-size fits all approaches here, because we are all so unique.

To better illustrate things, I thought I’d list a few topics that I have worked on with real clients.  (First let me say that I do keep my client information strictly confidential, so you need not worry about me blabbing about your deepest darkest secrets to the world!)

Some common themes:

  • Career choices and explorations
  • Getting past roadblocks to reach goals
  • Dealing with difficult people at work and in the family
  • Managing stress and illness
  • Bringing more joy into your life

I hope that this sheds a little more light on things for everyone.  I love working with people, and I look forward to hearing from you!  My email is always open…

Have a great day, everyone!


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