A new inspiration…


Hi Everyone!

You may have noticed that I changed my website a bit.  I am experimenting with different styles and themes, and would welcome your take on any of them.

I’m testing out new “looks” because I had a pretty big breakthrough a few weeks ago that may ultimately take my coaching in a different direction.

You’ve heard me talk about stress relief (that’s here to stay, because we all need it!)  You’ve heard me talk about wellness and fitness, and listening to your instincts.  These same themes are still going to show up from time to time because I think they are related to my goal.

Wait for it…it’s PEACE!

I’m going to try to explain my train of thought, so stay with me!  I’ve been looking for something new, and I decided to attend a workshop on bullying prevention at the Peace Center in Bucks Co.  I was drawn by the center itself and the subject matter because I have 2 young children.  (I don’t want them to be bullies, and I want to help them if they end up in that situation.)

The workshop was amazing, and it turned a light bulb on in my head.  This program teaches kids to honestly express emotions, and at the same time, become aware that their peers have emotions, too.  It’s about awareness, but also about strategies for dealing with conflict in a respectful way.  Hmmm, sounds like lessons everyone could use?

Anyway, when the students use these lessons to elevate their interaction in the classroom, there is more teamwork and less fighting, and a lot less bullying.  In short, it brings a peaceful atmosphere.

I’ve been interested in mediation and conflict resolution for a while now, and this kind of peace education is right up my alley.  What if lots of people got this kind of training?  What if the masses learned how to manage their emotions better and were more understanding of their peers?  I don’t know, I’m thinking it would have a HUGE impact on our society.

So, that is the topic I’m exploring now.  I’m brainstorming ideas to bring these concepts to my clients and anyone else who wants to read my blog.  The wheels are turning, but it’s just the beginning.

I hope to write more in a few days and flesh out this topic a bit more.

Wishing you all a peaceful long weekend, and talk to you soon!


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