How can we start to find more peace in our lives?


I’ve recently been taken by the idea of helping myself and my clients find more moments of peace in everyday life.  Since this is my current topic of obsession, I decided to look up the definition of peace.

Link to Merriam-Webster’s full definition here.  A brief definition below…


  • a state in which there is no war or fighting
  • an agreement to end a war
  • a state of tranquillity or quiet
  • harmony in personal relations

In the definition of peace we find the term “agreement”.  The word peace is also rooted in Latin and is related to pax and pact.  And a pact is an agreement, so I think we are on to something.

So who do we need to be in agreement with?

I’m pretty sure, that like most things, peace begins at home.  Yes, it would be great to be in agreement with everyone in your household, but really, I think we need to start with ourselves first.

Are we at peace with ourselves?

Do we agree with how we are living our lives?

Are there things we’d like to change in order to feel more at home with ourselves?

These are deceptive questions, because they force you to do some soul searching and really think about life.  Are things working?  Do we feel alive and whole and true to ourselves?  Are there things we know we need to change?

I say, we have to ask ourselves the hard questions first.  Because, really, how are we going to enjoy peace in the neighborhood or the world if we still are fighting with ourselves?

I know I’m working on it here.  It can bring up some big questions, but it’s worth getting to the bottom of things and seeing them for what they are.

Need help figuring this out?  Let me know, I’m just a phone call away…



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