Let’s remember together


This, it seems, is another day that will live in infamy for our country.

14 years ago today, thousands of Americans lost their lives due to terrorists attacks.  There were direct attacks in New York City, Washington DC, and another tragedy in western Pennsylvania as passengers worked to crash yet another hi-jacked plane.

The whole country felt like we were under attack, and people were shocked by the loss of life and frightened by what it might mean for us, as a country, moving forward.

It’s true, our country was changed on that day.  Government policies have changed, wars have been waged, and it’s hard for any typical citizen not to hear the word “terrorist” on at least a weekly basis.  But, something else has changed, too.

People banded together to support each other, and to celebrate the heroic deeds undertaken that day to save people’s lives.  That black death falling from the skies forced us to think about our humanity and our mortality.  We used our hurt and anger to energize us to help others who were caught in the center of the disaster.  Do you remember the donations that rolled in to charities?  Money, household items, blood donations, plus world wide demonstrations of sympathy?  Masses of people stood up and said, let me help.

I was lucky enough NOT to lose a friend or loved one that day, even though several people I love were close to the destruction.  I thank the heavens that they all survived, and I pray for those who died and the families left behind to deal with the wreckage.

Let’s remember that we’ve been through hell, but we survived.  Let’s remember that we all have the power to help others with simple deeds and actions.  Let’s remember that when we have to face that hell again (heaven forbid), we will pick ourselves up again and reach out to support our communities.

They say the best revenge is living well, let’s do our best to help everyone recover so no one stands alone.


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