Putting my money where my mouth is


So I pretty much jumped off my own personal cliff last week.

How?  Why?

I gave up my safe steady office job to investigate other careers and to invest in my own coaching practice.  For me, this is like diving into the Grand Canyon with a parachute on that I think works.  It sure is exciting and pretty, but where the hell am I going to end up?!

I was able to take this bold step thanks to the support of my husband, who is paying the mortgage while I find myself.  He’s taken it in stride as the family provider, but it really is a big gift, and I’m going to try my best not to forget that.

Why did I do this?  It became clear to me over time that I’m not meant to work in that safe office job.  The job itself was ok, but I loathed it.  I could point to a number of petty things that make all jobs suck sometimes, but really, it was me.  I was meant for something else and my intuition/ instinct/ essential self was really fed up with being in the wrong place.  I felt like I was in jail all the time, and it’s not a good feeling.

Not being a wild and crazy person by nature, I did take some steps to prepare for this transition.  I landed a very part time job with the Peace Center in Bucks County that I love, and I’ve been working to improve my business and develop new offerings.  I have some sort of plan, I’m happy to say.

The path forward is still a bit fuzzy, but the sense of relief and freedom I’m feeling is pretty amazing.  I’m going to do my best to soak it up and remember it.

Do any of you ever feel like chucking it all and starting over?

Have you ever felt like your heart was telling you that you’ve made a wrong turn?

It’s not always easy to make a course correction given time, finances and options, but it’s worth looking into if you feel like you’re on the wrong path.  My course correction was kind of drastic, but yours doesn’t have to be.  You might just need to bear to the left a little instead of jumping off a cliff the way I did.

If you need help with this kind of thing, please let me know!  There are tons of books I can recommend to help the thought process, and I can offer supportive coaching if it’s needed.

For now, let’s just say “Geronimo”!


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