“The Secret” and Getting What You Want


Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the weird post last week, I think Word Press hiccuped when I clicked ‘publish’.  If you just got the empty “auto draft” message, you can now successfully click through to my post, “Putting my money where my mouth is.”  I’m embarrassed to admit how furious I was when the system didn’t work.  Glad I was alone at my computer for that one! 😉

So today I want to talk about the movie and book called “the Secret” and the whole idea behind manifesting what you want.  I know I’m a little late to this game, but I finally got around to watching the movie on Netflix.  While I thought it was a bit cheesy and overly dramatic, I did appreciate the ideas behind the film and book.  It’s not the easiest thing to watch or read.  Why?  Because it’s a bunch of testimonials about how all these wildly successful people made a wish on a star and made it come true. What?!

While I’m really open minded, I’m also practical and just a teensy bit skeptical.  (I never enter contest drawings because if I won and they called me up, I wouldn’t believe it!)

That being said, even the craziest stories usually have a kernel of truth.  Using the “Secret” is about naming exactly what you want and believing it will happen.  Why in the world would this work?  I think it can work because words have power.

Think about how a kind (or unkind) word can change your day, your feelings and your mood.  Sometimes you can literally see someone’s face light up when they are given a genuine compliment.  The things we say to each other and ourselves can have a very strong effect on our thoughts and actions.

Those that feel they have benefited from the “Secret” did a lot of thinking about what they wanted, spent time thinking about how it might come true, and then steadfastly made the effort to believe it was going to happen.  They put a prayer into the universe, focused on their positive ideas and dreams, and then expected the best.

We all expect the best, right?  Ah, I bet I got you there!  Most folks are used to worrying about problems, unknowns, and the future.  And, usually that worrying gets us nowhere because we can’t control the world, right?  We can try to plan and save for a rainy day, but really, destiny is probably out of our hands.

What might change if we did expect the best on a regular basis, and left the needless worry behind?  If we shifted our attention to the good stuff we have and dream of, it could really create a new reality.  Maybe the universe will grant our wish like a genie in a bottle.  Or maybe thinking differently will allow us to notice new things.  Noticing new things might help us think more creatively, which in turn may help us see options we hadn’t considered before.

Many of the folks in the “Secret” used vision boards and other daily reminders of what was most important to them.  Those little tricks kept their mind focused on the goal, and gave them a reason to think positive every day.  They kept thinking “Santa Claus is coming to town!”  I’m guessing Santa didn’t come down the chimney on Christmas morning, but rather snuck in the back door on some random Tuesday.  They didn’t know how it would happen, but they fully expected it, and somehow the opportunity they needed popped up.

I actually think I manifested some money with my brain recently.  I know it sounds nuts, but it happened, I’m telling you.  And, darn it, I’m going to try and do it again and again. What do I have to lose?

What do you have to lose?  Why not try it?

Sending you positive vibes and sweet dreams until next time!


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