Step #4: less stress holiday class



Hi Everyone!

I hope you’ve been enjoying my “Less Stress for the Holidays” class.  This week is Step #4.  If you have worked through all of these steps thoughtfully, then I’m hoping you have come up with some good ideas.

It’s time to put your strategies into action, and put the “happy” back in the Holidays!

Step # 4

Time to put those good ideas from Step #3 into action!

Please consider each question and answer honestly.

Which strategies are you ready to use?

What are some baby steps you can take right away?

Who or what can support you and help you stick to the plan?

Congratulations, you are on to road to problem solving in the real world.  Promise yourself to follow through on the action steps you came up with, and see how things evolve.

I wish you the best!!!

Need more help?  Email me at!


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