New Year’s Project



I hope everyone is enjoying the winter holidays and feeling festive these days!

I am pretty excited to celebrate Christmas with my family, but I’m really dragging my feet when it comes to gift wrapping.  It felt like such an accomplishment to be done shopping, and I haven’t psyched myself up for the next step yet.  Oh well, it’ll get done sometime!

So I wanted to share a new idea I had for a project in the new year.  Does anyone out there like reading advice columns?  I know I do.  When I read the predicaments people get into, I think, wow, I’m doing pretty well!  I also like hearing personal stories.

Anyway, I was thinking of starting a blog series called “Ask the Coach”.  Readers could ask questions about coaching or they could ask for input on things going on in their lives.

I’d publish the questions and answers while keeping personal information confidential.

What do you think?

I’d love any feedback you have for me!

Want to tell me “yay” or “nay”?  Or send me a question?

Email me at

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and happy new year!




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