On astrology and metaphysics…


Are you feeling stuck?

Wondering when this darn winter and the urge to hibernate will finally move out of your life?

That’s the way I’ve been feeling.  And it hasn’t been pretty.

Yes, I enjoyed the holidays and felt hopeful for the new year of 2016.  I have lots of hopes, dreams and plans, and I feel like I’m slogging through knee deep icy water to get things started!

I actually put a few things in motion last fall, in order to keep this coaching thing going into the new year and beyond.  I am super excited about those projects and the future possibilities.  I knew nothing would start till after the new year.  I also was pretty sure that the winter weather would slow things down.  So I’ve been waiting for several projects to come to fruition…

Tick tock, tick tock, days have turned into weeks, and weeks into months and hardly any progress has been made.  I began to think I imagined these things and that I’m insane!  Where the heck is the forward motion?!

Well, I just received a message of hope from a very unlikely source.  First a post from the wonderful Anna Kunnecke, life coach extraordinaire.  (Anna’s post.)  She read that the planets are in retrograde.  (Umm, what?!)  She goes onto reference Dena DeCastro, astrologer…Dena’s post.

While I know nothing about metaphysics, astrology or astronomy for that matter, Dena has some news that seems to make sense against all odds.  Yes, I’m generally open minded, but, no, I don’t regularly follow astrology.

Evidently a few planets in our solar system are in retrograde, which means they are in the position to wreak havoc with the normal flow of energy around us.  Stay with me here…Dena says we are experiencing a time of stagnant energy and self reflection.  That means that not much is happening, and we are forced to examine those shadowy parts of our lives we like to gloss over on a good day.  However, taking an honest look at the shadows is allowing us to make realistic plans to move forward, when the planets re-align, and energy starts flowing again.

I know it sounds hokey, but I would be lying if I didn’t feel like my life was following the plan to the letter.  Energy is stagnant, motivation is next to zero, and while I wait for the good new stuff to start, I’ve had to face some hard realities of life I’d been ignoring.  This is not fun, but with my new found perspective, I feel ready to move forward again with more confidence than I had before.

And, thank goodness, the word is that the planets are in the process of getting back to normal.  Hopefully, the energy, motivation and inspiration will start flowing again soon for all of us.  We just have to hold on a little longer.

Hang in there, everyone, the spring is coming, and so is good stuff for 2016.  Rest up while you can!




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