Good looking and smart? Apparently


Check out this new book by Kate Hudson.   I haven’t read it yet, but plan to.  I’m not usually one to watch a lot of TV, but I happened to catch a few of her interviews about this book.

It sounds a lot like health coaching to me.  (In a good way!)

I heard her talk about 3 major points that sounded incredibly down to earth and smart:

  1. Try out a variety of sports, exercise and activities to find the ones you really enjoy.  That way, getting some exercise isn’t a drag, it’s fun.
  2. Plan to eat healthy, and pick foods you actually like!  And, understand, that everyone eats junk food from time to time, and that is OK.
  3. Make time for yourself and things that you enjoy.

It sounds really simple, but I’m guessing most people probably aren’t taking this approach on a regular basis, are they?   I’m thinking that if we all did a bit of this every day or week, we’d be in pretty good shape.  I like that is sounds realistic and that she makes a point of saying that one size (plan/ diet/ fitness routine) does not fit all.

I’m going to read the book and report back, but the press so far is really good!

Stay healthy, my friends!



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