Harmony Black is my new hero…


You all know how I love to read self help books and learn about health and wellness, but did you know that my guilty pleasure reading includes paranormal chic lit?  Don’t laugh too hard.  I happen to be a huge fan of Juliet Blackwell, and if you like interesting female leads, I suggest you check her out.

The most recent paranormal fiction I read, Harmony Black, also has a female protagonist, but this is more of an investigative murder mystery.  Harmony is a witch and a tough girl FBI agent.  She takes out supernatural bad guys for a living, which as you would imagine is incredibly interesting and difficult.

So why do I like this character so much and why and I telling you about it?

Harmony has her standard special agent training, but also has some special powers she inherited from her mother.  Like I said, she’s a witch.  I’m not going to give away the plot, but let’s just say that during the course of her investigations she comes up against some serious evil and powerful foes.

I like Harmony because she uses her personal gifts and strengths to battle these baddies.  She’s not Xena the Warrior Princess with unlimited strength and power, rather, she is an individual with certain abilities, and she has to get creative.

She shows us that being successful and fighting the good fight includes:

  1. Knowing your strengths, trusting yourself and being authentic
  2. Thinking outside the box and brainstorming different ideas
  3. Working as a team with others to achieve her goal
  4. Making plans, but knowing when to take a chance

This sounds like a recipe for success in the real world.  See if you can answer these questions about yourself…

Do you know what you’re good at, and do you trust and believe in your talents?

Are you willing to collaborate with others and work together on things?

Can you allow yourself and others to get creative to solve problems?

Are you flexible enough to adapt on the fly when a plan doesn’t work out?

If you honestly answered yes to all four of these questions, then I expect you to be wildly successful and confident!

I can answer yes to most of the above, but sometimes I waver.  On good days I know I’ve got good talents to share with the world, but on bad days, my self doubt creeps up.  I’m usually able to pull off the other three items if I’ve had some sleep and some coffee, but these are abilities I had to develop gradually.  I’ve learned from co-workers, managers and, yes, from my kids to collaborate, brain storm and adapt to meet different situations.

What has your experience been?  Give it some thought and see if you are using your special powers to the best of your abilities!






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