So, what are you doing with the rest of your life?


My clients seem to be asking a lot of questions about careers these days.

What should they do?  What direction should they go?  What is the right path for them?

These are big important questions, but really only half of the story.

The following chapters sound something like this:

Who should I work for? What work environment suits me?  How do I land that dream job?

Figuring out what you love and the kind of work you want to do is half the battle.  Then you have to work on the logistics and nitty gritty details.

I have a few simple sign posts for you.

If you are just starting the process…

  1. Notice what you love doing.  What kind of activity doesn’t feel like work?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. What kind of job will pay you for #1 + #2?

So when you are looking for a career, you need to find the sweet spot between love, skill and money.  Sounds simple, but we all know it’s not!

If you need to find a job or clients to pay you to do the thing that you love…

  1. Have someone help you proofread, edit and update your resume (fresh eyes always help)
  2. Look for jobs in the field of your interest, and pay attention to the details
  3. Apply for only the jobs that sound fun or interesting that require at least some of the skills you actually have.
  4. Going entrepreneur?  Then put that resume together and create a 90 second elevator speech to woo clients.  Can you explain what you do and why they should hire you in 90 seconds?  Good, now keep practicing!
  5. Everyone needs to keep networking and talking about their dream job with anyone who can reasonably listen.  (Friends, family, coaches, mentors, etc.)  Get feedback from people who know you, and they will help you refine the details.

If you’ve made it to this point and put in all the work, you should be about ready to apply for or land a job, or start bringing in some clients.

Wildly successful people know themselves well: what they are good at, what they’d rather skip, and what kind of work environment agrees with them. Ask yourself honestly to answer these questions and be ready to uphold the results.  Be true to yourself and your talents, and the right match will come along.  Remember that it’s dynamic and that you can make some false starts, don’t sweat it too much, it happens.

If you’d like some career help with finding direction or following through on the nitty gritty like resumes, please let me know.  I’d be glad to help!



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