Those dreaded cover letters and resumes


Have you been job hunting recently?  Have you taken the time to update your resume and compose a stellar cover letter?  I’m guessing just thinking about it is making you cringe right now!

There is a lot of different advice about how to make your resume and cover letter stand out.

My basic rules for cover letters:

  1. make sure you address it to a person, either your future boss or the human resources director
  2. make sure to let your enthusiasm and personality come through
  3. state which job you are applying for, why you want it, why you like the company, and how you fit the role

(more on this below)

As for resumes:

  1. proof read and edit like a crazy person
  2. make sure it looks clear and neat, and try not to cram in tiny text
  3. do highlight accomplishments
  4. do include a professional summary of skills at the top so the hiring manager doesn’t have to go hunting for basic information

That’s what I usually go with, but I also just read two really interesting articles, which I’ve linked below.  The author gives advice for outreach in the first article as a resume follow up, and links to a second article about an alternative way to write that cover letter!

Make your resume stand out


Instead of a cover letter, try a pain letter

Don’t forget to talk to friends and family about what you’re looking for, they may have a connection or resource that could help!



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