Feeling stuck?


Ever feel stuck?

Like you have a big decision to make and weighing the options is driving you crazy?

Or, you know you need to make a change, but aren’t sure which action to take?

One obvious way to move forward is to talk with friends or family about what’s on your mind.  Of course, you can probably already guess what they will tell you.  If possible, talking to a coach, therapist or someone else who’s impartial can help.

In the meantime, a simple way to move the mind out of that impasse is to move the body.  Believe me when I tell you that our physical bodies and our thinking minds are interconnected.  Sure, you can read in medical journals about the research on the mind-body connection, or you can just look at examples in your own life.

Remember the last time your coworker, partner, or child made you so mad you felt like cursing a blue streak?  If you managed to contain yourself, you probably took some very simple but specific steps to calm down.  Things like taking some deep breaths, counting to ten before saying anything else, or going on a short walk away from the situation.  These very tangible things can help you calm your heart rate and allow you to think more clearly.

Similarly, moving your body can help you slip past a roadblock that’s on your mind.  We need to remember that our brains are powerful machines, and that if you are trying to figure out a problem, the unconscious mind is always working away, whether we are concentrating on it or not at the present moment.

So, when you feel like you’ve analyzed everything to death, give yourself a break.  Put the topic out of your mind and go do something else.  I recommend doing something physical like taking a walk or doing some other exercise.

When I use this technique, I’m forced to focus on a different environment, and be aware of my body and its surroundings.  It’s immediately relaxing, and often, when I am able to relax, a new idea that’s useful to the situation will pop into my thoughts.  Or, just the simple act of taking a break will help me gain perspective.  Maybe I don’t really have to figure it all out, after all!

So, remember to cut yourself a break when things are tense.  Let yourself relax and allow that amazing brain of yours do the heavy lifting for a while.  You might be surprised by the ideas that pop up when you take a break from the stress!






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