I support Standing Rock


Hello, my friends,

I write to you with a heavy but hopeful heart today.

No doubt you have heard about the historic protests in North Dakota this year, as many Native American tribes have united to block the construction of a oil pipeline.  The protesters have gathered to protect land that is sacred to them, and their massive show of unity is unarmed and peaceful.

Unfortunately, this peaceful group of protesters has been attacked viciously by both those that work for the pipeline and the state government itself.  That’s right, the government of North Dakota is using force to break up a peaceful protest.

What the hell is wrong with this picture?!

I feel sick when I think about the history of abuse and marginalization inflicted on indigenous people in this county and around the world.

And, we all know that there is about a 100% chance of this pipeline wreaking environmental damage.  Anyone remember BP’s Deep Water Horizon?  What about the water contamination from fracking all over the place?  It’s just a reality, and it’s not OK. Have you seen this?

Let me be clear that I am not big into politics.  I hate arguing with people, and I’m also too scared to attend political rallies and protests, even when I support them deeply.  I may be a chicken, but I vote in each election, say what you will.

That all being said, something about this protest makes me sick to my stomach as others have not.  It’s moving me in a way I can’t deny.  I’ve decided to support the people at Standing Rock with monetary donations and complaints to my bank (a pipeline funder) and my elected officials.

Join in me in protesting this travesty of justice.

I’ve assembled a number of links below with information on how to help.

  1. Contact the banks funding the pipeline
  2. Contribute to the Standing Rock Protests
  3. Take action across the board

I welcome additions to this list, and I hope you will also pick one or two ways to take action in support of the protesters at Standing Rock.




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