A resume game changer and a challenge


Sending out resumes and hearing crickets?

Been there!

I recently read this article and was really impressed.  It’s a simple yet genius way to make your resume stand out (without resorting to chanting and casting spells).

Read this article about making your resume “smart”.  Love it!

And now for the challenge…


I’ve spent the past month feeling like a sloth and inhaling potato chips and chocolate.  Geez, why don’t I feel great?  As I adjust to the shorter hours of sunlight I’m trying out an app that is a dawn simulator.  It basically wakes you up with light, on schedule, so you brain is tricked into thinking the sun is up!  Haven’t used it enough to recommend or not, but excited it might help with my seasonal affective disorder.

But, I digress, on to the challenge!

After stuffing my face last weekend with my family, (fun!) I was ready to make a change and stop feeling so sloth-like and fat. A few years back my work place held a holiday health challenge.  You weigh yourself every Monday morning (today is a great day to start), and you challenge yourself not to gain weight between now and New Year’s Day.

We all know that the holidays are filled with food and celebration, and that we are going to eat that pie AND those cookies, of course!  And this challenge does not require you to give up eating those treats on those special occasions.  The challenge is to counteract those treats by eating really healthy when it’s Wednesday and there is no party in sight.

I’m going to do it, because I want to feel better, end of story!

My tips for making this work:

  1. share the challenge so you have people you have to “answer to” and can talk to and commiserate with when you really want that doughnut!
  2. fill your house with healthy food you love like strawberries and those delicious sweet baby peppers (for example)  And don’t buy those foods that send you over the top, like potato chips for me!
  3. If possible, replace sugar with stevia. ( I can’t stand stevia in coffee, but it’s OK in iced tea and lemonade.)
  4. decide up front what kind of prize you get for “winning” the challenge
  5. remember that you are giving yourself the gift of health and self respect for the holidays

You can do it!  Feel free to email me if you need a pep talk.  I’m going to look for some good recipes, too, to share.




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