A Healthy Step into the New Year


Happy New Year to Everyone!

I like all those memes going around on Facebook saying that a new year and a new day is a new slate, for us to rewrite our story in the best positive light.  It’s a nice idea to keep in mind.

I’m sorry I have not written in quite a while.  My mother in law was very sick over the holidays, which created a bit of chaos and all kinds of mixed emotions.  I love the holidays!  Wait, a member of our family is deathly ill!  Kids opening presents and laughing with joy! The depression of spending time in the hospital.  You get the idea.

Luckily she is home and on the mend, and her prognosis has been improving each week!

So, let’s get back to my main idea today, talking about being healthy.

Back around Thanksgiving I told you I was taking the Holiday Maintenance Challenge, where I tried very hard to maintain my weight over the holidays.  I still enjoyed plenty of treats, but did more exercising and tried to eat healthy when it wasn’t a party day.  I’m happy to announce that I did succeed, and that I didn’t add any extra weight! Woohoo!

I’m all about what works in real life, and doing weight maintenance was realistic and doable, versus swearing off holiday treats.  That would have just left me pissed and resentful.  Anyway…

Something else big happened in the last month, too.  I found out I have sky high cholesterol.  Exciting, no?  I have the double whammy of family history, so I need to get serious about healthy eating.  At this point my risk factors for having a heart attack are minimal, given my general good health and blood pressure, etc.  Of course, as I age, and if I don’t take off some weight, those risks will go up.  I’m not planning to drop from a heart attack, so I’ve got to get things moving in the right direction.  This is my life or death wake up call, so I’m going to pay attention!

I like to think of myself as fairly evolved and thoughtful, but just like most people, I need some serious motivation to stick to a plan.  Looks like I got just what I needed.

So what is my plan?  First I started taking fish oil supplements, and that’s basically going to be a “take them for the rest of my life” thing.  I can deal with that.  Then I looked up the recommended foods to eat and those to avoid, and started reading food labels. Wow, I was really eating a lot of fat!  Some good, some bad, but a lot.

I went through my fridge and figured out where I could substitute a full fat option for something healthier.  Luckily there are lower fat options for cheese and coffee creamer on the market (things I can’t live without), and I started eating more oatmeal and fruits and veggies.  My other big battle is sugar.  I just crave it, even though I know it’s not my friend.  I’m taking that day by day!

I also downloaded an app for my phone with a pedometer.  I’m not a fitbit junkie, and my goal isn’t 10,000 steps a day.  It’s just a gauge to keep my activity in perspective, so I can clearly see if I’ve been moving around or not on any given day.  I’m so glad there are so many free tools at my disposal!

I have about three months before being re-tested for cholesterol levels, and I am determined to make some progress.  I’m also intending to take off 10 pounds this calendar year.  I know there will be good days and bad days, and times when I all I want is to stuff my face with a doughnut, but I’m going on this journey no matter what.

Well, I’m off to decide on a new recipe for ratatouille, wish me luck!




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