What moves you?


The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. (Isak Dinesen)

Please excuse my lousy photography, I left this graphic large in the hopes you’d be able to read the text at the bottom.

I found this greeting card in a cute little shop on Cape Cod many years ago, and I stopped dead in my tracks.  Somehow this sentence resonated deep within me, and I thought, “Oh my God!  This is genius!”

There is almost no problem that can’t be overcome with hard work, venting frustrating or taking a meditative break.  Mama Mia!

This seemed very real for me, because I’m pretty much up for all three of those things.  I’m not afraid to work hard, take the time to express my emotions, or spend time on the water.  In fact, I often wonder if I’d be better off living next to the ocean, because it feels so relaxing and inspiring by turns.

Have you ever come across a quote, image or idea that inspires you or feels like absolute truth?

I’d love to hear about it, please leave me your comments!



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