My Green List

Hello, everyone, I’ve been thinking about the environment. There are surges of news stories from time to time about climate change, and I do believe we need to be trying to figure this whole puzzle out. That being said, I don’t have a whole lot of control over government and industry! Wah!

A while ago I came across an article with a photo of two large whales washed up on the beach dead, their bodies full of plastic and other garbage. It really unsettled me, that imagery is burned into my brain unfortunately. I couldn’t find the exact link to share with you, but if you Google “whales wash up on shore full of plastic” today, you will get plenty of hits. Enough said.

So, I wanted to share today some of the ways I try to use less plastic. I might not be able to influence the government on climate change, but I can, in my own house, make a few changes that put less plastic into the ocean.

These are things you can do that are easy and can make a difference! I have two young kids and I work part time – life is busy, but these changes are so simple they don’t take any time.

  1. Ditch the plastic straws. My kids loooove using straws, but I know they are bad for the environment. So, I switched to using paper ones. Yes, if they sit in your drink for a few hours, they may start to degrade, but they you could order yourself some stainless steel or glass straws. I bought these straws on amazon. And if you are looking for something really cool, please see my friend Jannine’s website – she makes beautiful glass straws in amazing designs.
  2. Gather some reusable lunch containers. Packing lunches for yourself or your kids? There are so many options out there for reusable containers! Drink in the box will let you say goodbye to juice boxes. (Just make sure you hand wash these to keep them leak proof.) These ReZip bags can replace a lot of ziplocs, and there are many options for little tupperware or other containers for fruit, veggies, pretzels, etc. The only trade off here is the hand washing, but you’ll be amazed at how well these items hold up over time. And treat yourself to a reusable water bottle, pronto, there are so many cool ones out there!
  3. Consider the packaging. This is probably the hardest one, as so many products we know and love come in plastic wrap. Next time you shop, see if something you regularly buy is available in another brand packaged in cardboard, metal or glass. Sometimes you have no plastic free option, but sometimes you do! I know some folks buy in bulk to lessen the packaging, so that could be an option, too.
  4. And about shipping…I am totally guilty of buying my life on amazon, I’m not going to lie. However, the more we ship, the more we use boxes, packing materials and contribute to traffic related pollution. I’m not ready to say goodbye to all delivery services, but I am trying to order less. If I can easily pick it up at the store in my neighborhood, I’m choosing that option more. Oh, and for heaven’s sake, use some reusable bags when you shop!
  5. Eat more veggies. Not so much about plastic, but about carbon footprints…you’ve probably heard that the environmental impact of eating beef is much higher than eating vegetables. I still eat beef, but not a lot. Each person needs to evaluate their health needs, but there may be some small changes that help the planet.
  6. For the Ladies…I’ve got two words for you: period underwear. There are a bunch on the market now, I used Thinx and had a good experience. Just follow the care instructions and you’ll use so many less disposable products!

These are things I’m using/ doing now that are easy. Send me some of your ideas on other ways we can be a little more green without making it a full time job. Find me on FB !

Thanks and have a great day!

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