Life is full of surprises!

Hello, my friends!

I just returned from a wonderful week with my extended family in Michigan. The photo above was taken on a trail above Lake Michigan, looking towards the Sleeping Bear Dunes in the distance. The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is a destination that should be on your list if you appreciate hiking, rocky beaches and visiting vineyards! This area is full of small vineyards and fruit orchards, so I hope you like cherries, because that is one of their specialties.

We had a gorgeous rental house, there were 16 of us all together, which included 3 generations. It was so fun to catch up with everyone, as well as go exploring together. The forecast predicted rain for each and every day, but we ended up having a decent amount of sunshine, which we made sure to take advantage of.

They say that nature has the power to soothe us, and I definitely felt my spirits lift while taking in the amazing scenery. It’s hard for the every day problems of life to bother you when you really immerse yourself in nature. It was my first trip to the Great Lakes and I marveled how Lake Michigan pretty much looked like the ocean – nothing on the horizon – just miles of blue water. I loved it.

Everything was going great…and then…it happened.

The day before we were set to leave, my youngest niece and nephew fell ill with a stomach virus. And, within 24 hours, 75% of us were violently sick right along with them. While I’m glad it didn’t hit till the end of the vacation, it sure did complicate our travel plans home. I mean who wants to fly or drive for hours wondering if you are going to lose your lunch at any minute?

I’ll spare you the details because it was pretty horrific, but somehow we all made it home in one piece. My symptoms hit early last Saturday morning, and although I’m functional, almost a week later my stomach is still not right. Here are some things that have helped: ginger ale, ginger tea with honey, probiotics, and eating what the body craves (in this case, rice cooked in chicken broth).

What can we all learn from this experience?

  1. We all need to recharge our batteries in nature when we get a chance.
  2. You never know what is waiting around the next bend.
  3. Be gentle with yourself and others when things go haywire.
  4. And when you get sick, follow your body’s lead on what to eat, drink, and when to rest.

I sincerely hope that all of you are feeling amazing today and ready to head into a fun and relaxing weekend.

Just for fun, send me your best stomach remedies! 🙂

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