About Me


Hi, there, thanks for checking in!

My name is Santina Devine, and I created this website to talk about all kinds of stuff that may be useful for inspiration, moving ahead, finding happiness, etc.  I run a small coaching practice, where I try to help people get in touch with their best selves.  I do my best to listen to my clients, support them as needed, and help them make realistic plans for positive change.

I love to read about self-help, positive psychology, following your instincts, and generally figuring out ways to solve problems in everyday life.

My education:

  • B.S. University of South Carolina
  • Certification in Life, Career and Executive Coaching, Goal Imagery Institute
  • Conflict Coaching Training, Good Shepherd Mediation Center
  • Respecting Me, Respecting You Program Training, The Peace Center
  • (pursuing) M.S. in Higher Education Administration, Mississippi College


Please take a look at my resources page, as I list books, websites and magazines that I’ve found useful.


Special thanks to my  photographer, Rose Jhony, for my profile photo!


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